Here are a few links to some of my favorite writing-related resources.


  • Comprehensive wiki-styled database of everything you’ve ever seen in a movie, cartoon, novel, myth, or anything “story” that was created by humankind – TV Tropes!
  • My classically-favorite name (and other writing-thing) generator site, Seventh Sanctum.
  • My new favorite fantasy name generator.
  • Various production and efficiency-related articles as can be found at LifeHacker.
  • The Difference Between Story And Plot. My brain has difficulty with this, so I refer to it every now and then.
  • More as I find/remember/discover them…


  • I frequently think of Stephen King’s On Writing as I go about things. Though it took me two reads to really absorb the information (spaced by many years), each time I learned and rethought something new. A highly recommended bit of reading (or listening) for anyone in the field.
  • What Would Your Character Do? by Eric Maisel, Ph.D. and Ann Maisel. A friend lent me a copy of this one and I’ve since got one of my own. It’s a book full of quiz-like situations where a writer can place a character and guage how they would react, such as at a family picnic or getting hit on at a bar.
  • More as I find/remember/discover them…


  • Skyrim OST, particularly the atmosphere track.
  • Assassin’s Creed 2’s Flight Over Venice tracks, part one and two.
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization (mostly 4 and 5). Lots of good soft grooves for cultural background mood-setting.
  • A multitude of tracks from Neon Genesis Evangelion. You know, for when it’s time for writing about the end of the world.
  • A State Of Trance (this link via Spotify, but there are other ways to access it, like YouTube) – hours and hours of Trance music by the great Armin van Buuren and the multitude of DJ’s he endorses.
  • Almost anything by Hans Zimmer
  • More as I find/remember/discover them…

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