Tidings 03/03/2014

Today’s post is a two-parter, and the first of the Tidings category. I spent a whole three seconds considering whether I should start every Tidings with a “Hear ye, hear ye!” Let’s just get into it.


Firstly, and this is nothing huge but I figure worth mentioning regardless, is that I’ve begun reading The Lord of the Rings. Gasp. Shudder.

“Why, Jesse? You’re maintaining a blog that not only concerns itself with fantasy, but has it in the very title. How could you not have read it?”

Truth is, I’ve tried in the past, when I was younger, less ambitious and less disciplined sapling. I think I got about as far as Tom Bombadillo, then put it down, and since never picked it back up. What’s the deal? I have huge respect for the work of Tolkien and (I regret to say that only recently) I have been learning more and more about the man himself. I suppose I have no excuse. I’ve been consuming other fantasy from other authors, and LotR has always sort of been that foundational bedrock I walked on but found too intimidating to dig up. Not to mention my head is filled with imagery from the films, as those were a family favorite and were played frequently in my home as a sapling.

I suppose, with the urging of a trusted associate of mine, the time has simply come. One can’t be rushing into some things, even if it takes a lapse of about 12ish years to re-pickup a book.

I’m also happy to report that I’m digging it. As I hinted at, the movies are borderline memorized (partially against my will), but there is apparently enough in the source material to make it seem as a rather different adventure, though of course the skeleton of the story is unchanged. Someone would have told me, I think, if that were the case. But regardless, I aim to complete the entirety of the Lord of the Rings, then after a breath of air, delve into the Silmarillion.

But one step at a time.

Secondly, I’m also happy to report that a short story of mine has been accepted by Beyond the Imagination magazine. One must start somewhere.

~Writing Progress~

Since my visit to Florida, during which I was able to get a huge volume of prose written, I’ve been struggling to not only transcribe it from my notebook to Scrivener, but a wave of that type of fervent creative energy hasn’t quite hit yet. I blame not being in an airplane and returning to Where They Think I Work … where I remain for now, but not for long.

I came up with and will be implementing a format/formula for how my story will be presented, the details of which I will gladly get into in a later post. Suffice it to say that many gaps have been filled where there was simply floating ideas before, and the feeling is utterly exhilarating. By the time this post goes up, I will have willed myself into a Transcription Phase, where I shall set up my $1.00 notebook upon a music stand review some newly discovered music.



2 responses to “Tidings 03/03/2014

  1. I haven’t read LOTR either because I’ve heard it’s very fantasy heavy and takes patience and good memory to understand, but it’s definitely on my to-read list. I have read the Hobbit, which was very reader friendly.

    Congrats on your short story being accepted. I’ve been looking for places to pitch my short stories so I’m going to check out that website. If you know any others, please share. Maybe you can do a post with a list of sites and magazines accepting short stories for people like me who are looking since you seem to know a lot about that.

    • Your sentiments are noted, good sir! I’ll write future posts not only on my progress regarding LotR (it feels like a sort of mission, honestly, though an enjoyable one), but also regarding the short story publications I follow. All to come!

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