Event: WotF 2014 1/4

So if a month after the bells, turkey-silence and ball-dropping has not been reminder enough, it is in fact a new year. That means the Writers and Illustrators of the Future is back, starting with a fresh new quarter. As of this post, the current quarter runs from the January 1st to March 30th … nice three months, as the word quarter might imply.

Yes, I’m aware I’m writing this at the end of January.


Those of you familiar with WotF, feel free to skip this paragraph.

So to those of you unfamiliar with Writers of the Future, we’re talking about an annual event that consists of a four-part contest, one held each quarter of the year, where “new and amateur” writers and artists submit their work. What makes this different from other contests is that entries are free, the submissions are international, and winning the contest is really quite a big deal. An entrant can enter for each quarter, and award ceremonies are held in Los Angeles, where one has an opportunity to meet leading fantasy artists and writers of the day. Got some pieces laying around but nowhere to send ’em? You may as well check this out.

Triva: You may find it amusing that the individual who founded the contest, L. Ron Hubbard (deceased), a prolific writer of science fiction and fantasy, was also responsible for the foundations of Scientology.

Thankfully the contest itself doesn’t have anything to do with them, but there is a little bit of controversy.


As for me, a story is coming along, placeholder-named “The Telescope,” and I’ll be refining it for entry shortly after this very post. To date, I’ve only entered this contest once, but as part of a New Year’s resolution, I intend to submit an entry every quarter. Three months is ample time to invent and write a short story of 17,000 words or less, and besides, they accept novel portions.

This is going to be a good year. Whether or not I actually win, this is a healthy goal, and according to Wikipedia:

Often writers will repeatedly enter the contest, quarter after quarter, until they either win or become ineligible due to publications elsewhere.

I find this encouraging. In a later post, I might talk a little about my own story, but in the meantime, what of you, dear readers? Are you familiar with WotF? How was your experience, and, do you have ideas for what you’ll have ready for this – or next – quarter?


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