Inspire: Gaming Trivia

So I’m something of a self-described lore-whore, if you’ll pardon the term. It’s crude but catchy, yea? A definition, as provided by our friends over at Urban Dictionary:

Someone who is obsessed with background lore about something, usually video games or movies.

I was the guy who played games like World of Warcraft and Dragon Age: Origins, and would halt the advance of a dungeon crawl to read a book or letter some enemy had conveniently left open on the floor. I hate to miss cutscenes and, so long as time is not an issue, I love hearing the banter between NPCs.

Wikis are pretty awesome too, I cannot tell you how many hours I’ve lost doing “research” on the backgrounds of Evangelion, Dune, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Warcaft, Final Fantasy … the list goes on, as they say.

But aside from lots of reads, and lots of podcasts, I also regularly consume lore via youtube. One of which I’m quite fond of is Did You Know Gaming.

DYKG (recently paired up with has a youtube channel devoted entirely to Easter Eggs and otherwise esoteric knowledge about the development or backstory of videogames – popular titles include Star Fox, Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon, Super Mario, Sonic the Hedhehog, Megaman, and plenty of others.

One of the single most interesting things that I’ve found is the story behind the robot legs of the Star Fox team, which underwent development changes as the characters reappeared in later titles. Check out what I mean here. And I’m not even a fan of Star Fox!

But I loves me some lore. It’s like Stephen King said, something about to be a tremendous writer, you need to read a tremendous amount of books.

I wonder if he would include game manuals and fake science fiction history in that?

Happy writing!






2 responses to “Inspire: Gaming Trivia

  1. I love backstory, and lore is cool in games. I always watch cutscenes, especially when they move the game along like in Final Fantasy, Bioshock, and Zelda. But put too much in and I get bored, even avoiding them.

    Skyrim and Dragon Age are great games, but they have way too much lore for me to care. If they take all that lore and write several good stories then I might read it, but not while I’m into a game

    That site sounds interesting. I’m definitely going to check it out.

    • Heck yes, my man!

      I’ve read much about Bioshock, and have heard that it was very well-written. And if it’s cut-scenes you don’t like, then steer clear of Metal Gear Solid, hah, those games are like movies with brief spurts of playing in between.

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