Podcast: Fantasy Fiction

As someone who consumes podcasts on a daily basis, one must scour the internet in search of worthwhile content. Sure I’ve got a list of eagerly-awaited ones and a few that I’m testing out, but almost none of them do I look forward to as much as Fantasy Fiction.

Fantasy Fiction is a podcast by two old friends Dom and Josh who, as fate would have it, I’ve watched on one of my favorite youtube webshows, the Continue? Show. In fact, I first heard about Fantasy Fiction through Continue?’s own podcast, the ContinueCast.

Now, Fantasy Fiction is exactly what it sounds like; weekly reading of short stories set in realms of high fantasy. Keep in mind this is not listening for children, unless you want your kids to grow up totally fucking rad. The worlds invented by the hosts are whimsical and free, borrowing familiar ingredients of fantasy that most of us would recognize, yet the setting and characters – my favorites being Throm and Flyman – are refreshingly unique. Elements of heavy metal can be found and heard left and right, along with an overdose of ridiculous humor, over-the-top-violence, and hysterical one-liners as might be seen in some of the greatest fantasy movies of the 80’s.

Each week, Josh and Dom choose a theme based on listener suggestions and write up a story; an admirable practice. There have been numerous times yours truly had to stifle the laughter lest I draw everyone’s attention at Where They Think I Work. They write their stories and jokes for each other, and it shows – and one can’t help but be drawn into their humor and laugh along with them. Much like the folks over at Continue?, this podcast has come to feel like a couple of good old buddies. That I keep in a tiny box. And listen to with my ear holes.

Fantasy Fiction does exactly what I had been searching for in a podcast for some time – stories written by folks who simply love fantasy arguably as much as I do. They aren’t snobby reviewers, hoity-toity authors, or holier-than-thou literary critics. These are guys who’re out to have some fun, and from what I’ve heard and read, that is how some of the best comedy is created. Perhaps most importantly, for myself anyway, I’ve found inspiration and a sort of “clean slate” state of mind after listening to their wacky antics. It’s been remarkably helpful with my own writing.

You can find Fantasy Fiction at iTunes and Youtube, though my podcast app of choice is Podkicker.

What of you, dear readers? Are there any fantasy-related podcasts you’d recommend?


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