Resolutions Circa 2014

I’ve never been really big on New Year’s Resolutions, in part because it felt so cliche. Also because I did not believe in the power of the mind as much – more often than not, I heard stories about people breaking their promises to themselves. Almost always about weight. And there’re plenty of reasons for that, but I’m not getting into it here.

Recent years have really put a new perspective on the power of will. I’m not really on board with the Law of Attraction and The Secret, but there is something to be said about carrying positive thoughts and discarding negative thoughts. I like to think this can and does apply to promises. Heck, how likely do you think you’ll hold a resolution – to yourself or otherwise – that you think you can’t hold? Much less than someone who thinks they can, that’s for sure.

So with that in mind, here are my resolutions, my Goals, for the year 2014.

  • 1) Finish the First Book

So I’ve got a novel layout and something of a couple of broken drafts for something I always think fondly of as the Novel Project. For the last couple months, I’ve had the majority of it ready to go, except for that last piece: actually writing it. I keep telling myself “If only I had a few months of free time I could complete it.” That may be true, but the likelihood of me getting that much unstressed time to myself is slim, so I gotta do it like everyone else: bits and pieces, consistently.

So it will be completed this year.

  • 2) Become More Active on Social Media

I’m pretty anti-social. As much of a dog-person as I generally am, I think my behavior is more akin to that of a cat. I’ll go out and be with people but usually when I want to (as opposed to bend to social pressure), and most of the time I’m pretty content with keeping to myself. This doesn’t really do well for anyone claiming to be a creative, especially when trying to cultivate an image and an audience.

Thus I have resolved to become more active and interactive. I’ll gladly answer anything sent my way, I’m not rude, but it’s gotta go both ways.

  • 3) Keep Physical

This last year actually has had me the most physical – consistently – for the first time in my life. A cheap gym membership, some readings on willpower, and an occasional self-kick in the butt (along with that of a friend from time to time) goes a long way. Regrettably, NaNoWriMo really put a stop to a consistent after-work exercise regimen to which I had adhered quite well, and December … the “recovery” month … has been difficult. I blame holidays and NaNoHangover, but now that things are finally calming down, it’s back to the weights on a regular basis. No more of that 1 or 2 times a week crap.

Besides, keeping physical helps restore brain function, and one cannot be expected to remain a creative mind if the body becomes lethargic. Besides, teaching your brain and body to go to the gym every (other) day is the same process it takes to teach one’s self to write every day.

  • 4) Read More

I’ve got a list of books both of my own choosing and as has been recommended by friends. I hardly read as much as I should, though, and as a writer that’s a pretty nasty double-standard. It’s like trying to become a better painter but never looking at what other people have produced with their own brushes. Heresy!

If I can pull these goals off, alongside or in spite of whatever other issues Life will through in my path, chances are 2014 will be a good year.


4 responses to “Resolutions Circa 2014

  1. Yeah!!! Those are similar goals that I have too, to read more and write more (I write a daily health column, so I’m forcing myself to write more) and did NaNoWriMo help you come a ways with the novel project?

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