Podcast: Drabblecast

Anyone who’s read more than a handful of my posts knows that I’m really into listening to stuff in my ear holes. Today’s post is a a shout-out to another of my writing-related favorite podcasts: The Drabblecast.

Plagiarized from their site, the Drabblecast is an award-winning fiction magazine featuring short stories in the genres of science fiction, horror, fantasy, “and everything in between.” The host and primary reader-out-louder is one Norm Sherman, whose distinct voice and witty banter make for excellent listening while I’m at The Place Where They Think I Work. All their episodes can be found free to download on the Drabblecast website.

Aside from short stories though, which can range anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes in length, each episode of the podcast is also prefixed with a drabble – a short bit of fiction consisting of 100 words or less. Often the episode ends with a twabble – a short story consisting of 100 characters or less. Gods, people are imaginative with such restrictions.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few favorites from recent episodes:

Episode #298Flying On My Hatred of My Neighbor’s Dog, by Shaenon Garrity. This is a hysterical take on a revolutionary alternative fuel being discovered that not only succeeds in saving the nation, but promises to extend the limits of human exploration…

Episode #302The Next Logical Step by Ben Bova. I adored this; the story itself has a very good hook about a War Game simulator – and an ending that honest-to-Zeus gave me goosebumps.

Episode #305:  Testimony Before an Emergency Session of The Naval Cephalopod Command by Seth Dickinson. This story taught me a new word and concept (solipsistic). Multiple characters are interviewed in this excellent piece about a trained, weaponized giant squid during the Cold War.

Here’s to Norm, a man doing great work out there on the interwebz. Toss ’em a donation if you’re so inclined. No they didn’t ask me to mention that – and yes I did donate. Ha!


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