Writing Tool: Write Or Die

Today, dear readers, I would like to essentially perform a long winded shout out. Write Or Die is a nifty piece of software introduced to me by a friend made during NaNoWriMo, and to this tool (as well as the support of friends like this), I attribute having actually completed the challenge.

Write Or Die works the way it sounds, and for that I am personally quite happy with its simplicity in purpose. Just open the program (or use it in a browser), adjust the settings – to word count goal, time limit, or both at once — and you’re about good to go. A timer can be found most anywhere else, so nothing new there. Watching the little progress bar fill up as you enter words towards your goal is a little different, though, and is immensely satisfying.

But what really makes Write Or Die stand out is its punishment. What I am most fond of is the Kamikaze setting (though I confess I’m not too fond of the name for historical reasons). It’s brilliant though, especially for writers, such as yours truly, who have a tendency to put down a sentence or two and then sorta stare at it. Write Or Die will, depending on your settings, begin to heat up with highly saturated red and actually start to delete what you wrote, word by word.

Starting from the last word written, the software simply backspaces when left idle. I have mine set for ten seconds, which is perfect for me. At times when I am uninspired or cannot seem to piece together a sentence, WoD forces you to. I found this instrumental for NaNoWriMo, and recommend it for anyone. If your project can stand to be edited later, than this is perfect for churning out rough drafts.

Go give it a try at their main website.

Happy writing!


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