Experience: Thrilling Adventure Hour

On the 11th of October, I sojourned to the Bell House of Brooklyn, NY, eager to see the live performance of a podcast to which I frequently listen.

Anyone familiar with The Thrilling Adventure Hour know what I’m talking about.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a podcast that perhaps can best be described as a sketch comedy. The time there at the Bell House, one and a half hours in total, was spent watching a number of voices I’d only heard for the past half-year or so come to life before me.

Now I’m not for knocking anything really, but I’d be lying if I said the severe lack of chairs did not affect my experience there. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until after I’d crossed the threshold into the building that I realized I’d been to the Bell House once before – some foray mini-concert with a friend, years ago – and I had to stand the whole time then, too. But I digress.

As for the the Thrilling Adventure Hour itself, it was delightful to see the actors perform live before myself and my friends. It’s a funny thing, how the face and body doesn’t even remotely match the voices I’d come to know and love. I was pleasantly surprised to see various folks playing the parts of multiple characters too – I’ve a sort of soft spot for voice actors, you see. Pleasantly surprised, and impressed.

Now, I can’t say I adored every one of the sketches performed. The crowd around me seemed uproarious, so who am I to say? All I do know is that I think it was clever that the show was bookended with its best performances, opening with Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars and Beyond Belief. I had gone with three folks, one of whom was a longtime listener of the podcast like myself, while the other two had no prior experience. In short, one of those two found themselves having a good time (minus the lack of seating), and the other found the whole charade “Boring as hell.” It was an interesting, if brief, discussion on the way back to the subway.

All in all I can safely say I do not regret going. I’m not a person to really go out there and do things, like concerts (except the one I mentioned just before…) or any performance for that matter. Seeing as the TTAH is based in L.A. and this was one of their rare events within arm’s reach of me, I figured I’d regret not going.

I think I’ll stick to just listening, though, considering the memory was soured by aching knees and less-than-great sound quality. Of course I blame them not for any of this, but hey, if you like them then I encourage you to give them a go live.

Here’s to them doing a great job bringing fun and imaginative characters to ludicrous settings!


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