Concept: Healing in Fantasy (pt.2)

Last time we discussed Natural Healing, which mostly boiled down to using one’s bodily recovery functions and usually enhancing them, usually via nature magic.

Today we’ll talk about what I like to call Divine Healing, which from what I’ve seen is the more well-known type in popular fantasy. Divine Healing is more of that flashy stuff you see, via Holy Priests, Monks, Clerics and White Mages. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-bip, your wound is gone. In video game contexts, it’s a convenient tool to allow a player to progress through the adventure.

Courtesy of Seonhee Lim ( )

Courtesy of Seonhee Lim ( )

But Divine Healing is more complicated. After all, by its very nature, it’s derived either from within (see, the inner spirit) or from without, that is, from a spirit or god. In our current mythologies, only the god or agents of said god are capable of performing healing of this manner, which tends to create matter – i.e., missing flesh. Or kill off disease. Or whatever. It’s pretty nifty stuff.

But biologically, Divine Magic is doing what the body cannot do. Different from rapid regeneration, I picture Divine Healing as, like I said, creating matter – perhaps even replacing severed limbs or removing permanent scarring. If that’s the case, then what determines the nature of healing? The source (spirit/god/ghost)? The caster, maybe? The DNA of the recipient – perhaps a genetic memory of what the body is supposed to possess (all four limbs and some organs where that hole is now)?

Chances are people in these fantasy realms don’t ask questions, they just pay the apothecary or beg the priest and go. You can bet I’d be standing around taking notes.

Lastly we’ll look at a type of healing that’s altogether quite different. Stay tuned!


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