The Dead Authors Podcast

Today I caught up to the 20th and latest episode of the Dead Author’s Podcast, a podcast I can best describe simply as “H.G. Wells interviews various deceased authors.”

The DAP is a tremendous piece of radio comedy, made up of improv (as near as I can tell) made up of the interactions between Mr. Wells (played by Paul F. Tompkins) and notable authors from the last couple centuries – so far. Utilizing the power of his time machine, H.G. brings us authors such as Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged, have yet to read it), Robert Lewis Stevenson (Treasure Island), the authors of the Gospels (that is, the Christian bible), Agatha Christie (Poirot, Mrs. Marple and the like), and my personal favorite: The Brothers Grimm (every fairy tale ever).

I share this not only because I have finished the latest episode (Ayn Rand) and eagerly await more, but I’d like to do my small part in spreading awareness. Tompkins does a splendid job portraying the mild-mannered H.G. Wells, and while listening I find it very easy to will my suspension of disbelief. The  guests are often a riot to have one as well, though it helps to know who they are beforehand. More people – writers, readers, podcast listeners – should listen to this, good, entertaining work is being done and at 50-minute episodes, the podcast is fairly easy to digest. Not only does it help pass time with fun, but I’ve been introduced to some authors the likes of whom I’d never heard, and if the acting says anything about the authors as they might actually have existed, well, as I hear them I find their characters to be believable.

You can follow and find the podcast here: .


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