Across Generations

So I was with my seventy-year-old mother the other day and I stopped to see what she was watching. Sitting comfortably upon her living-room couch, my mother has a penchant for watching various dramas on her laptop, and recently she acquired the complete seasons of Game of Thrones.

Now I’ve mentioned this series many times here, as plenty of other folks have, but I just felt like sharing the experience with you, dear readers. After all, we all understand that A Game of Thrones is great and popular, sure sure, and the reasons for which can be both obvious and obscure. Driving plots, fun characters, decent action and, of course, explicit sex.

Every time I sit down to watch a few minutes of GoT with my mother, someone gets railed and ridden abruptly. I’m no prude and it’s not like my mother is someone who flinches at the sight of the human body, but I can’t help but feel like an awkward teenager whenever that happens. Usually I end up watching for a moment, supremely hyper-aware that I’m essentially watching pornography next to my aging flower-child hippy mum, and then leave to go do something urgent that now demands my attention.

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that a seventy-year-old woman is enjoying the show. The author of the stories himself is approaching that age bracket too.

I wonder what I’ll be seeing when I’m a senior citizen?


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