The Duniverse

It’s no real surprise to theorize that any reader, let alone a reader of fantasy, to wish themselves in any of the worlds they find between pages. Or e-pages… you can call them pages in an e-book, right?


Over the course of my humble travels, I’ve experienced a few worlds I’d love to see, but not all would I really like to visit. Westeros, for one. Not too big on Middle-Earth, either (sorry guys). Azeroth – resounding no thanks. Four years was enough.

Two come to mind that I actually find to be above-average appealing, one of which would be Ravnica (City of Guilds), but more famously the planet Arrakis. Those who know it likely deduced this from the title of the post.

Arrakis, or “Dune,” is not a pleasant place. As a desert planet it has its charms, but overall I’d say it’s as dangerous a place to be as Pandora, from James Cameron’s Avatar. Another nice place, to be sure, but deadly in a different way.

But something about the Duniverse holds a firm grip on me; I’d be lying if I said I love everything about it, but the setting as created by Frank Herbert is one of the few I’ve come across where could think “Now there’s somewhere I could live.”

I only bring it up because I recently started reading Dune again, and I find myself enveloped in the same sense of wonder as the first time I read it. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way – this is coming from someone who rarely reads a book more than once. If you haven’t dear readers, I implore you to join me there.

What of you, dear readers? What worlds have you found and loved the most?


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