Writer’s Digest Conference East 2013

So lately I’ve been busy not only with the usual weavings of life, but come Saturday April 6th will be the weekend of the Writer’s Digest Conference of 2013 in Manhattan, NY. As might be surmised by the title of the post, this is the topic. I really hope I don’t have to write out that mouthful again.

Anyway, recent times have been mad as I do last-minute research. Aside a handful of workshops I’ll be attending on Saturday, I’ll be doing the Pitch Slam, where they line all us sad writers up to throw our books at agents. As the date approaches, I confess great eagerness, served with an increasingly heated side dish of anxiety. Typical.

No really, though. This is a big step. This will be my first writer’s conference, my first agent-pitch’ing, and (very likely) my first official publisher/agent rejections. If nothing else, I will have tried, for I positively refuse to let whatever negativity that might be generated as a result of the experience to dissuade me. I’m going and come hell or high water, I’m going to learn a lot.

To everyone else headed there, I wish you the best of luck – anyone reading this, well, let me know if you’ll be there. We’ll form a click. We’ll form a dance. We’ll snap our fingers like greasers – whatever it takes.



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