Podcast: We’re Alive

I tend to consume podcasts on a fairly regular basis, ranging from things like Writng Excuses, gaming news to trivia ‘casts and science discussions. There’s a lot out there, folks, and me personally, I’ll take a free interest-based podcast over fm/am radio any day of the week.

What I felt like mentioning in particular was an excellent audio drama called “We’re Alive,” a zombie story of survival. As of this writing, I count this as the most compelling bit of non-music listening I’ve come across in a long time, and if you don’t mind me saying, I’ve heard a lot.

“We’re Alive,” is exactly what I sounds like it might be, a script of voice actors playing out the roles of various people pit against all manner of obstacles during a zombie apocalypse. It has a classic case of Murphy’s Law; whatever can go wrong will (or does) go wrong. Problems you’d expect in a disaster scenario are addressed, and then the story throws you a curveball. The dialogue is witty, the characters are believable and likeable, and the music and sound effects really put you there. On more than one occassion I’d forgotten I was listening to this through my headphones, so vivid was the experience.

As of this writing I have not yet completed the series but as someone who has a difficult time watching television (serieses rarely hold my attention for long), I’ve been devouring chapters voraciously since diacovering it. Often what I experience when watching a series, such as Supernatural and Breaking Bad, generally my take after a few episodes is “Alright, end already.” Not that I dislike them so much as they feel needlessly drawn out to me. Not to mention I tend to get really involved in thinks I watch, and BB was doing murder on my nerves. Great show but when I see the ending to it, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief.

Not so with We’re Alive. Perhaps its the medium (I can do other things while listening whereas a t.v. series requires me to sit down and pay full attention). Perhaps it’s the content; for awhile I thought I was tired of zombie movies. But I suppose I wasn’t tired of zombie experiences.

That’s what We’re Alive is: an experience, and I invite anyone with the smallest interest to hear them.



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