NYCMidnight 2013 Progress

So I’ve got an outline down and a decent start for the hereafter entitled Great Biker Caper short story entry for NYCMidnight’s 2012 Short Story competition.

Me and my paranoid self are a little worried about disclosing the actual progress online right now. Unfinished rough draft and all — you understand, dear readers. Headway, however, is being made and I’ve got a moderately clear course ahead. It’s times like these when a memorable quote from a certain historical figure comes to mind:

 “Don’t worry guys, it’s just over there, trust me.” ~ Christopher Columbus

In other news, I was planning to write up a review of a book I had finished in recent months, but due to the deadline of the aforementioned contest that likely won’t be happening. Yet I feel compelled to say that while I am brimming with unjustified enthusiasm, the subject matter of the story itself was daunting at first but now I’m finding it delightfully fun. The folks over at Wirting Excuses ( were incredibly helpful and really got me going.


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